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Unique fashion Mintosee

Hi everyone, we are the ladies of Mintosee: Pet, Kai and Carole. We love to dress in unique outfits for every occasion in our daily lives - weddings (we go to a fair few), work at the office, college and going out.
So we are sharing some of the pants, heels, purses and watches that we find unique and beautiful with you and outfit ideas for each. Every item we feature has some unique design to it, whether it is the pattern, the shape of the bag or the cut of the dress.
We came up with the name Mintosee because we love any fashion in the color mint and it means perfect (something in mint condition) to see.

To get to some of the categories quickly:

  • In church dresses we feature dresses that we think are modest, decent and still very modern.
  • In the wedding guest dresses section we feature dresses that we think are exquisitely beautiful and memorable.
  • In the work clothes section we pick blouses, skirts and dresses for work that are uniquely beautiful and classy.
  • In the special occasion heels section we feature heels that we think are perfect to wear to church or wear to a wedding or any special occasion.
  • In the handbags section we choose eye catching bags and describe where each is appropriate for e.g. if it would make a nice work bag, college backpack or special occasion bag.

In all sections we try to give other pieces to complete the outfit. So if a skirt is featured we find a matching top, heels, bag or watch so you can see how it would look together.
We also decorate our homes and bedrooms with unique shoe and bag racks to hold our fashionable pieces so we share them too.

In our blog we write about some of our favorite heels, dresses and bags that we see worn by an actress or celebrity on TV and share anything else that is mint to see.

Check our sidebar on the left where we keep you up date with our favorite fashion finds.