Mature, Unique Fashion Backpacks

Mintosee Tip: We store or backpacks on the top shelves of shoe racks

Mintosee's Picks of Unique, Fashion Backpacks

The backpack is back! Just kidding, it never went anywhere. If you are like us to carry everything a woman needs in her bag: the cosmetic bag, the umbrella, the sunglasses in a case, the chewing gum, a bottle of water, the purse/wallet, the cellphone... That can get a bit heavy in a handbag on one of your shoulders. But, good news! You can evenly distribute the weight on your back and still look fashionably trendy with one of these unique women's backpacks. 

These unique backpacks are great for college! As college students, we wanted to make sure we had a bag large enough to carry our books and stuff but still not look like a high school teen girl. These unique backpacks are perfect for that reason. They exude maturity and fashion-forwardness for the perfect feminine look and can carry all of the stationery essentials, but they also are perfect for teens in high school. These picks are different from a regular school backpack - they are fashion backpacks because the primary purpose is to look fashionable.

With backpacks, we look for unique, trendy designs as well. For that reason we favor backpack from designers like Betsey Johnson and Orla Kiely. We love heart quilted backpacks, jacket shaped and other cute backpacks.

We love hiking and as with everything else we like to look fashionable doing it. Some of these backpacks are rugged enough to travel with on a plane or take hiking or to the beach. Who says you can't hike in fashion? 

We store our backpacks on the top shelves of our shoe racks and on over the door hooks.