Women's Flat, Casual Shoes

Mintosee's picks of Unique, Beautiful Casual Flat Sandals & Flats for Women

There are plain flats - we owned several of them. Then there are flats with a scallop trim, a perforated side or some other unique design. This is the section where we feature them. This is the place to be when you are tired of seeing so many plain, thong sandals. Flats are so versatile that they can wear with a casual outfit or even to work. Flats are great for when you still want to look cute but rest your feet and back from the heels. We give outfit ideas for each flat.

We feel a similar way about flat sandals. We love them to look classy. That is a rule for us. As a result, you will see a lot of flat sandals by designers like Rachel Zoe, Ted Baker and Sam Edelman. Flat sandals look great with a cute, casual dress, so we give outfit ideas for each.

Sometimes, we find a cute, casual, fashion sneaker that would look great with a capri, so we include them here as well.