Decent Dresses to Wear to Church

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Modest Church Dresses

Can you dress modestly and fashionably with your church dress? Yes, you can. As church girls for all of our lives, we have found what is appropriate and accepted as modest and decent by fellow church members. Remember, the concept of decent is different for everyone. You usually decide to look for something that is not distracting, is affordable, is long-lasting and is modest when searching for a church dress. After finding many great quality dresses that can wear to church over the years, we decided to put this category with dresses that we think are decent or modest enough to wear to church. We have seen these styles of dresses worn by and look great on women in their 20s and even in their 50s.  

Since we collected and are familiar with most dress brands and know the ones that are good quality and still look fashionably up to date, our favorite brands include: Jax, Evan Picone, Adriana Papell and Jones New York and other designer dresses. 

At church, a rule we have for decent church dresses is that they are not sleeveless. So, we feature short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, cap-sleeve or long sleeve dresses that can wear to church. If you like to wear a jacket with a dress, there are sleeveless dresses in the wedding guest dresses section that can be worn to church with a jacket or blazer. 

We typically do not like skirt-suits for church as they look old fashioned, so we only feature modern-looking dresses. We also do not think you need to wear too-short or bodycon dresses that would be more appropriate for a party, because we think you can wear these beautiful dresses to church and look classy and elegant. We also do not wear or buy overly flouncy, chiffon type dresses like you would wear to a graduation, that you have to retire for years wondering where you can wear them next without looking too dressed up!

We feature dresses that fit our description of being unique and beautiful, whether it has a unique hem, pattern or overlay style. To complete our church outfit, we wear heels and a small or medium bag or clutch, so we give outfit completion ideas for each dress.