Special Occasion Heels for Women

Mintosee Tip: To store our heels nicely, we use classy, shoe racks

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Mintosee's Picks of Special Occasion Heels for Women 

Special occasion heels are pumps, heeled sandals and stilettos that can wear to a special occasion like as a wedding guest, as a bridesmaid or as a bride. We also wear these beautiful heels to graduation, a prom, or church. Special occasion heels, for Mintosee, differ from work heels because they are not suitable to be worn all day, because of the high, thin heel.

We love low heel sandals and pumps. For Mintosee, low heels are 2.5 to 3 inch heels. Anything lower does not look as modern or elegant to us. Low heels are the best heels because they are more comfortable in case you have to stand or walk around a lot. Low heels are perfect for bridesmaids and the bride who have to stand for a while at the wedding. However, we still feature cute, 4 inch heels that are unique and beautiful.

We don't mean to brag, but these special occasion heels are some of the most beautiful heels you will ever see. We feature beautiful pumps and heels with unique details like lace, floral prints, bows, tweed and perforated heels.

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We like to collect special occasion heels and pumps in all colors, so you will see heels in our favorite colors, like mint, pink and blue, in addition to white and black heels because these are the essential colors needed to go with almost any elegant dress.

Heels and pumps also can look great with jeans, so we sometimes give outfit ideas of how to pair these shoes with jeans or skinny pants.

With special occasion heels, the designers that make the most unique heels are Kate Spade New York and Chinese Laundry, so we have a fair few heels in these brands.

To store our heels we use classy shoe racks.