Unique Clothing: Women, Teens & Preteens

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Beautiful and Unique Clothing for Women, Teens & Preteens

At Mintosee, we love to dress in beautiful, unique clothing. We think that this came from growing up in a place where most stores carried the same clothes and almost everyone dressed the same especially when something was 'in style'! We didn't like when something we hardly wore went out of style and we got glaring looks for still wearing it! We decided to dress in clothes that are unique, beautiful and never go out of style!

As preteens, we loved to wear clothes that were trendy, cute and comfortable, and most importantly, not childish, so we include preteen fashion that fits this style for you parents of preteen girls.

As teens, we opted for a more mature, but fun look, so we include trendy teen fashion that fits this style.

As young women, we love to dress in unique clothing for every faucet of our lives. We love classy work tops, work skirts that are not the plain button front type, and cute work dresses with some unique detail for when we go to work at the office. We love to go out to restaurants for a fun night out, out shopping, traveling, or any casual outing. When we do, we wear casual tops, skirts, denim dresses, and pants that are unique and eye catching in some way. We love our outfit to match in colors, but it doesn't have to be symmetrically, as in the same color top and shoes. We gew up in a church with fairly strict dress codes so we know what dresses to wear that are modest and decent but still fit our code of being unique and beautiful and are modern and elegant.

Growing up, we went to a lot of weddings (we have lots of cute pictures), as bridesmaids and flower girls, so we know how to dress as a wedding guest or bridesmaid, not outshine the bride and still stand out. This is important for us because we had the problem of many people turning up with the same dress at a wedding because they were few places that carried unique clothing for wedding guests. The wedding guest dresses we pick are so unique, you shouldn't have that problem!

On each of the unique clothing pages, we give ideas of how to dress up each piece, with matching shoes, bags or watches.