Unique Purses & Handbags

Cute, Unique Purses & Handbags at Mintosee

We do not leave home without a handbag. Whether we are going to work, going out shopping, going to a nice restaurant on a night out, or going to church, we always have a large, medium sized or small handbag. We just don't understand women who travel without a handbag or with *gasp* just their wallet in their hands! At Mintosee we believe that as women we should always be prepared for whatever happens. That means traveling with all of the lady essentials. With the right sized handbag and a little bit of planning before going out, this is always possible. 

In our handbags, we usually have the most important things, which are the wallet, cell phone and cosmetic case. So we like our bags to be spacious enough to hold these essentials and whatever else we need. 

In this section, we feature favorite uniqe purses, crossbody bags, dome bags, top handle bags, bucket bags and more and give ideas of where each is appropriate for. Yes, there is a difference between a work bag and a bag to wear with your casual outfit. We are not big on designer bags often carried by celebrities that are quite plain but we do feature designer handbags and purses that are unique and beautiful.

We like unique purses of great quality in any price, so as long as the material looks like it will not peel for a long time, we include it. 

When we look for unique purses, we look for a quilted pattern since we like heart quilted patterns, the shape of the handle since we like lip shapes, the shape of the bag itself since we like heart and flower shaped bags and more clever, eye catching designs. As a result we typically favor unique purses by LUV BETSEY by Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade New York, Orla Kiely and Jessica Simpson.

As with watches, we love to collect handbags in all different colors so we feature unique purses in our favorite colors like mint, coral and pink and any color bag that is unique and beautiful.

For handbag storage, we store our bags beautifully on the top rows of our shoe rack and on over the door hooks.