Unique Watches for Women

Mintosee's Picks of Unique Watches for Women

Do you get tired of asking someone else for the time? Do you glance at your right or left hand where you usually wear your watch, only to realize that it stopped working or the face broke some time ago? We hate it when that happens. A mobile phone is great to tell the time and do whatever else but nothing beats the convenience of a nice wrist watch. Not to mention unique watches accessorize your outfit and you can color and pattern coordinate with them!

In this unique watches section we feature unique watches that can wear to special occasions such as to church or a graduation and casual outings such as a night or day out. As a fashion rule, leather strap watches are more durable and look more casual and are better suited to a casual outfit. Bracelet watches are more elegant and classy and more suited to a special occasion outfit or dress. Of course each individual makes her own fashion rules, though!

Once, we were obsessed with silver watches, but now with the popularity of rose gold watches, this is now our second favorite color, so we feature a lot of unique watches in this color. We like to collect unique watches in all different colors to color coordinate with different outfits so we feature unique watches in many different colors. Since we like to collect unique watches, we like to store them nicely on a watch holder. You can find some of our favorite watch holders in our Amazon astore.

Of course our favorite watch color is mint, so if we see a mint watch that is unique and beautiful we feature it as well.

With unique watches, we like to buy quality so that the watch lasts long and is scratch and water resistant, so we look for brands that are known for quality like Anne Klein and Kate Spade New York. We also love fun, unique watches with whimsical designs to add a fun edge to our casual outfits so we feature brands that are known for this like Betsey Johnson. We also love some of the beautiful, luxury watches by Valentino.

For Mintosee, there is a difference between a watch you should wear going out and a watch you should wear to a wedding. With each watch, we describe if it is better for a casual or elegantly formal outfit.