Beautiful & Unique Women's Wallets and Coin Purses

Mintosee Tip: Match your nail color with your wallet!

Beautiful, Unique Women's Coin Purses and Wallets at Mintosee

When it comes to wallets, we have one for everyday use like to carry to work out shopping or college and one that is more fashionable to travel with or carry somewhere special.

In choosing a wallet, we look for one that is unique; whether it is the shape, the quilted pattern or the colors. We love quilted wallets like with hearts and flowers, so we feature many of these. We like brands like Jessica Simpson and Nine West because these designers make great quality wallets so we include designer brands that are known for great quality. We also bought these brand wallets for cheap prices so we include them because we know that at any time you can buy a designer wallet at a cheap, sale price. We like wallets in feminine colors, so a lot of pink or coral wallets are featured.

We travel with a wallet and coin purse to work or any everyday outing because the coin purse provides quicker access to coins when we need them, so we include coin purses in this section as well. 

Unique wallets make a great gift idea for women, teens and preteens. As teens for Christmas and birthdays, we had a tradition of gifting a wallet to our sisters. With these unique wallet designs, it would make an even more special gift.

Under each unique wallet or coin purse we give ideas of whether it is perfect for everyday or special use.