Wedding Guest Dresses

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Mintosee's Picks of Unique Wedding Guest Dresses


We are frequently invited to weddings, either as guests or bridesmaids. We still have a picture of us as little girls in our cute dresses at a wedding reception! This section has beautiful and unique dresses that can be worn as a wedding guest and as bridesmaids. We love unique patterns, hems, overlays, floral patterns and necklines in special occasion dresses. Under each dress, we say whether it can be worn as a wedding guest dress or bridesmaid dress or both and give wedding outfit ideas like the heels, pumps and clutches to wear the dress with. We choose dresses that are unique so that the possibility of someone else wearing the same dress at the wedding as us is rare, because, unless you are a bridesmaid, you usually don't want to turn up with the same dress as someone else! It adds to the uniqueness to have a dress that no one else is wearing!

The wedding guest dresses we choose are not overly flouncy or too formal, like long dresses that are tiered and chiffon, because they look too formal to be worn to just any special occasion. So we choose dresses that can be equally worn to an evening party, church, prom or graduation.

We love wedding guest dresses that are straight, but we also include beautiful fit and flare dresses that we find to be unique and beautiful.

Since we like to wear these dresses to any special occasion after the wedding, we choose dresses that are known for their great quality and will last long. These dresses are from some of our favorite designers like Adrianna Papell, Jax and Gabby Skye.

Yes, we agree that you can wear black and white to a wedding. We like to wear black and white dresses to weddings, but color the outfit with pink or red heels and clutches to match.