Unique Women's Wedges, Booties, Chunky Heels, Platforms & Boots

Beautiful Wedges, Booties, Platforms, Chunky Heels & Boots for Women

When we are going out on a night out, whether the outing calls for casual clothes or dressy clothes, we wear higher heels because we don't have to walk around as much and it gives us the chance to add a stylish edge to our outfit with high heels. However, unless it is a restaurant or evening out that calls for elegant attire, we do not need heeled sandals for a night out, as they look too dressy. So, we wear heeled wedges, booties, platforms or chunky heels to give the night out outfit a more casual, but trendy, elevated look.

We love chunky heel sandals that have beautiful, ankle straps and an elegant look. They give a lot more stability when walking than wedges. These sandals look great with a casual dress or skirt. Wedges always provide a dressy look, but we don't prefer any particular brand so there are soe cheap wedges here. Booties make the legs look great. They look great with capri pants. Knee high boots look great with a cute, short, casual dress on a night out, so we include some of the most unique boots as well. 

For us, we do not have a favorite brand of wedges, booties, platforms chunky heels or boots, but designers like Kate Spade New York, Vince Camuto and Dolce Vita make some of the best shoes with unique details in the heel or platform, so we have a few shoes by these brands. Sometimes, the color of the shoe is what makes it unique, whether it is mint, tan, or pink, so that influences what makes it unique and beautiful.

For each wedge heel, booties, boot, platform shoe or chunky heels, we give outfit ideas like bags, dresses or top and pants that would look great with them.