Women's Wear to Work Dress Shoes

Mintosee's Picks of Comfortable Women's Work Dress Shoes 

We worked at offices, as teachers or in other professional places in our adulthood. It is very difficult walking around in anything higher than a 3 inch heel for a 6 hour work day, especially as a teacher. However, we don't like the look of flats with a nice work dress or outfit. Heels add to the professional look of a work outfit. So we wear heels that are 3 inches or lower that are unique and beautiful. These work dress shoes have a uniquely shaped heel or some other unusual design.

This women's work dress shoes section has a small selection of heels that would make comfortable work shoes because they have a low heel or a kinda chunky heel.

We look for work heels that are great quality so they can last and be durable enough for everyday wear. For this reason, we choose brands like Kenneth Cole. We prefer to have a pair of black work heels because they typically go with every outfit, so we include a pair. We also like to have another pair of work heels in another color for special days or to just change up the look. So we include other colorful heels that would still make comfortable work heels.