Work Dresses

Mintosee Tip: To keep our work dresses in place, we use No slip velvet hangers


Mintosee's Picks of Stylish Work Dresses


From our experience, there is a difference between a dress that can be worn to work and a dress that can be worn to a special occasion like church, a wedding or a prom. They can be described as kind of a plain work dress with a unique design element. At, we kept this in mind when selecting work dresses. As standard here, they are unique work dresses and they make the following distinctions from a dress you would wear to church, graduation or a prom: they are not too fancy or delicate in material.

One of the most important things we look at in selecting a work dress is the material. It must be durable enough to withstand the rubbing against the insides of the bus, train, taxi, or car we are traveling in to and from work. Our choices of work dress brands cover that. Marc New York and Calvin Klein choose the finest materials to create these standout wear to work dresses. This ensures that your work dresses last long and do not look washed out after wearing them monthly for a whole year at work.

We select women's work dresses that feature surprising color rinses and other eye catching designs so that you can look professional and inspirational in these beautiful picks whether your color of choice is black, gray, white or color blocked. These dresses are perfect for women who work at the office and also school teachers.

How to Choose a Work Dress

We also choose dresses that are the right length and fit that is appropriate for the office. It is important to not wear bodycon type dresses to work at the office because of the revealing material. So we keep that in mind. A woman looks fabulous in a short dress but it does not have to be too short, that is above the mid thigh. It also does not have to be too long, as in below the knee, to look modest and appropriate for the office. The dress can be between these two extremes and look great for work at the office.