Work Skirts

Mintosee Tip: Pair with a nice work blouse.

Mintosee's Picks of Unique Work Skirts 

This is a small selection of skirts that are appropriate to wear to work at the office. Why wear just a plain colored skirt to the office? Make your work outfit more head turning with a unique work skirt! We choose skirts that are colorful, have a unique pattern, and are mixed media with faux leather, because we love faux leather! We don't think that a full faux leather skirt is suitable to wear to work as it may look too casual, but it is OK for casual day. But a mixed media faux leather skirt can be perfect if it looks classy instead of cute. 

Some work skirts look better with the top tucked in, so that the full design of the skirt is shown, so we give how to wear it ideas for each skirt. Having lots of different work skirts is fun so that you can mix and match with different work tops and jackets.

We do not have a particular favorite brand, but we do love quality work skirts, so that they hold up with weekly wear, so most often you will see work skirts by designers like Anne Klein.

How to Pick an Appropriate Skirt for Work

While wearing a tight skirt to work is OK, and looks very feminine, wearing a tight skirt that is a stretchy, bodycon material is not as appropriate as it may be too revealing and not a professional look for the office. This is why we choose work skirts that are a professional material and still look trendy. A work skirt does not have to be below the knee to look professional but it is also important that it is not above the mid thigh, as that is too short. However, short skirts just above the knee look very feminine, mature and cute for the office so we choose skirts with this in mind.